Tuesday, November 24

Blackberry 8530 vs 9630 Sprint/Verizon

Blackberry 8530 vs 9630 Sprint/Verizon

If your looking to buy a new Blackberry from Either Verizon or Sprint. You'll come up with two choices now or maybe three when they release the new blackberry Pearl. For now at least only two the Blackberry 9630 Tour and the Blackberry 8530 Gemini.

The Blackberry 9630 has five major things that the blackberry 8530 doesn't have:

1. Higher Quality Media: a 3.2 MegaPixel Camera and Sharper High resolution 480x360 pixel color display screen.

2. GSM: Can be unlocked and work anywhere around the world, even locally on T-mobile and ATT.

3. Rev. A. = Useful for when using Phone as a modem, you can reach speeds up to 3Mbps vs Rev. O 1.4Mbs.

4. Excellent battery life 6hr talktime(1400mAh cryptographic Lithium cell). 8530 only has 1100mAh.

5. Memory: has Flash 256SRAM/256RAM - 8530(256MB Flash Memory, 128MB RAM)

What does the Blackberry 8530 have?

Optical Trackpad - Definitely better than the Trackball


Choice is yours... Depending on what you need. Honestly the 9630 is a better allround value money when you decide to sell it 1 or 2 years down the line for the next new berry.


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Sprint Blackberry Phone as Modem tethering - what they don' want you to know

How to use your Sprint Blackberry as a Modem,

It's great to use the blackberry as a highspeed modem especially with a Blackberry Tour that's Rev. A(Rev. O. is fine for basic email n youtube). Times when your traveling or in areas with no wi-fi it can be one of the most usefull features the phone as.

The EV-DO feature of CDMA2000 networks provides access to mobile devices with forward link air interface speeds of up to 2.4 Mbit/s with Rev. 0 and up to 3.1 Mbit/s with Rev. A.

When you purchase the Tour, the Stores, Sprint etc... Will automatically put you on the "Simply Everything Plan" and quickly tell you that the phone isn't compatible with any other plans. For most phones like the HTC Hero and Instinct that is true and unless you find a work around your stuck.

What you do is ask the Customer care to move you to the talk 450 plan and add the blackberry $30 data pack and $15 phone as modem(It includes text messages and picture messages). A added bonus is you won't miss anything from the "Simply Everything Plan" as it will include the free calls to any mobile carrier.

We've tested the Blackberry Tour phone as a modem on the Sprint Network. It worked phenomenally well and we were able to watch a full length movie on Netflix and Hulu with no interruptions. That could be a great come back ad for Sprint/Verizon to Apple, "Can your phone/network do that?". But they most likely won't, they'd rather users use their own wi-fi or be stranded with out laptop connections than their networks to be congested.

More information:



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Apple attacks Verizon supports ATT with new ad

Apple attacks Verizon supports ATT with new ad

This iPhone ad shows a feature that I love called simultaneous voice and data. It's not something you use all the time but when you do use it in critical situations, it really counts. That Blackberry Bold 9000 and 9700 support this feature which is one of the core reasons we believe of all Blackberry's it's the better one.

The ad though mainly attacks a major weak point in CDMA 3G networks like Verizon and Sprint. Voice and Data can't work at the same time on their network.

more info on the blackberry


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T-mobile blackberry bold 9700 $149

T-mobile will be selling the blackberry bold 9700 for $149 on Specific dates. See link for more information.

more info on the blackberry

Monday, November 23

sprint blackberry phone as modem?

Sprint Phone as a Modem?

Recently Sprint has confused a lot long time savy customers with their new "Simply Everything Plan". A feature that was valuable to many users was the use their phone as a high speed modem. It was a add on or included with older 'grandfathered plans'. That feature has been removed from newly activated plans by Sprint fiercly giving new customers no option but to use the "Simply Everything Plan" to customers looking to upgrade to a Blackberry 9630, HTC Hero, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Pro 2 etc... They've trained their reps to use a meaningless word that "those phones aren't compatible with older plans or phone as modem features"??? All of those phones come with built in modems and are of course compatible with any data plans.

Well Sprint is struggling to stay afloat with the economy and every fleeting to the iPhone ship. They've mercilessly ripped a page out of ATT's iPhone playbook. That says, if you have a hot phone lock them into a plan whether they need the features or not. With ATT iphone are locked into the $30 data and voice plan. And Sprint their 'simply' locked into the "Simply Everything Plan" for $69.99. Regarless off wether or not the plans meet their needs. Sprint has non-verbally said "To Hell with being Fair and Flexible".

AS seen in this forum and similar sentiments throughout the web, customers aren't at all fair and flexible when the wool from the carpet is pulled http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/119480;jsessionid=5CCA6FB2DCA014E030C4349DEC1DDAAF.app1jive1

More info on Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile phone as modem


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Sunday, November 22

movie Ong Bak 2 on Blackberry

Now that you know the science semiconductor secrets why the blackberry is a better media device than the iphone. You need the right movie. The best to watch on your commute or train is Ong Bak 2. See the movie trailer below. One of the best martial arts movie stars since Jet Li.

How to play DVD on Blackberry

More on Tony Jaa Ong Bak 2:


More on Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa performance for Dallas Mavericks:

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Saturday, November 21

Blackberry gets Beyonce Crowd Surfing in London

The power of cell phones capture moments that were only once reserved for Kodak. Beyonce Knowles is diving and crowd surfing while performing "Halo" at the O2 Arena in London, England on November 16, 2009. Another person in front captures the footage with a blackberry bold. RIM got that product placement in there for free:) But I guess the person with the Bold was satisfied with the front row seats and experience.

It's funny as her new song is called Video Phone featuring Lady Gaga you can see below.

More info on Beyonce



more info on the blackberry

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Verizon Blackberry 8530 launches quietly

Research in Motion's Blackberry Curve goes for sale on Verizon Wireless online.

One of the quietest debuts for any RIM phones in a while, but will be a hard sell with the 8900, Bold and Storm on sale for a penny(all have a better camera and resolution). With the Motorola Droid, HTC Hero and iPhone GS released this summer some great RIM products are left in the storm(no pun). RIM should focus on ONE product or two and do it well then release it to the market. Some of the recent products didn't give customers a great reason to switch over and felt/were incomplete at launch.

1. The original bold went through complete plastic surgery(I believe in Germany).

2. They forgot to add the Trackpad and Wi-Fi on the Tour. %50 of people returned or exchanged the Tour due to faulty trackpads.

3. And due to outdated contract styles they released the blackberry 8530 on Verizon/Sprint, 6 months after they release the blackberry 8520 on T-Mobile.

Don't get me wrong RIM is a great company with a lot of great products and a proven history of innovation. But if they want to be the best in this game that's changed dramatically in the last two years. They will have to get their act together. The iPhone only release one phone and one upgrade this year. Their customers have little confusion over what is what. With RIM within the last 360 days we've seen, The Flip, 8900, 8520/8530, Tour, Storm 2 and Bold 2. Even more confusion on which has 3.2 mega pixel cam, 480/360 res, 3G and Wi-Fi. If the customers are confused that means the management and company are confused as well.

It's really funny how a lot of companies are copying the iPhone at every square inch. But in last two years they can't do the one thing the iPhone has done well. Make one solid product and then release it when it's ready with a bang, not quiet release.

more info on the blackberry

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Friday, November 20

Blackberry Pearl and Bold slams iphone in Media speed test(RIM's secret revealed)

Research in Motions Blackberry Pearl knocks out the iPhone with downloading movies.

The old saying you can't judge a book by it's cover has never been so true and is more valid when applied to cellphones. As we've seen the blackberry curve has twice the SAR levels of the blackberry storm. Gregory A. Quirk of Semiconductor Insights takes a look under the hood of the phones and see's what most reviews don't. Most only look at the specs that the manufactures give them.

Now it appears that the Blackberry Pearl 8120 about 5 times faster than the iphone when transferring media files to the phone. Very useful if you down a lot of files to your phone or in the event you need data recovery.
"According to the average transfer rates shown earlier, the iPhone would take 23 minutes, the BlackBerry six minutes using its media manager and five minutes when using direct file transfer"

"The secret behind these speeds is the Cypress Semiconductor CYWB0124AB... Instead of routing files from the computer through the phone processor to the storage device, the west bridge sets up a tunnel running from the computer directly to the storage device."

It worked so well for the blackberry pearl 8120, RIM later implemented it into the Blackberry Bold. I'm guessing that it is probably in every new blackberry device. Blackberry Bold downloaded movies nearly 3 times faster than the iphone at a rate of 13.9 Mbytes/Sec with Movies, TV & CD's. While the iphone 3G was moving only at 5 Mbytes/Sec. Again RIM's secret here is the Cypress Semiconductor CYWB0124AB... Another great thing that Gregory discovered that they other phones couldn't do is "you can still watch video and listen to music on the BlackBerry's internal memory while downloading content to the MicroSD card"

to see the video here of the Bold showing Apple they aren't the best at everything




more info on the blackberry

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New Blackberry 3G Pearl 9100 striker stratus video

Blackberry Pearl 9100 aka Striker aka Stratus

On September 12, 2006 when Research in Motion released the blackberry Pearl it showed the power of innovation and style in the cell phone industry only second to the Motorola razor. It came from left field coming from a manufacture that made very masculine phones that weren't at all commercial. It was the tipping point for RIM from the business market to the consumer market. It was the smallest lightest(3.2 ounces) and most smartphone per square inch.

BlackBerry Pearl has one of the world's finest USB sideloading performance. Their sideloading architecture upgrade from 8100 provides them with Hi-Speed USB and ultra fast connection to the microSDHC card, capable of transferring 1GB file in less than 70 seconds - over 16Mbyte/s transfer rate. This transfer speed significantly surpasses that of the iPhone, Motorola RAZR or Sony Ericsson Walkman because the 8120/8130 uses the Antioch chip from Cypress Semiconductor, a Westbridge peripheral controller enabling "direct connection between peripherals, creating ultra-fast transfers"
The comparison discovered that the RIM Blackberry phone using the CYWB0124AB West Bridge Antioch™ controller could transfer a feature-length movie in just over two minutes, reaching speeds of over 13 Mbytes per second. The other 3G phones tested took from 4.5 minutes to 38 minutes to sideload the same movie file. Full details of the comparison are available at www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=212002500, and a corresponding video is available at http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid2226603001.

They have removed what make it unique and gave it it's name the TrackBall(that looked like a Pearl) and replaced it with the TrackPad. When the Blackberry Bold, Curve and Tour replaced the trackball it didn't seem odd but it seems awkward with the Pearl. The phone has the same features as older blackberry models with the exception of 3G and the trackpad.

More on the Blackberry Pearl

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Thursday, November 19

Chome OS Video and Google Phone Rumors from TechCrunch

Google Unviels Chrome OS
It boots in 7 Seconds and their saying they want to make it quicker. The presentation was done from a laptop that was running Chrome OS. Sundar Pichai(Vice President of Product Management) & Matthew Papakipos(Director of the HTML 5 Open Web Platform). Very clever introducing it through the web browser as it's familiar to users. The project they say is a year ahead of schedule.

Google Phone aka Dragon/Passion
TechCrunch Released a story today saying that Google will release their very own phone. Yes that's right they're own phone, not a Motorola Droid, HTC Hero or T-Mobile G1. I'm guessing but don't have any facts to prove it that the phone might be running Chrome OS. I think they've come to realize that Android is no match for the iPhone. What is clear is more people are going online with their phones. And for Google to win years ahead they need to have phones that allow people to load pages that have their ads and do it quicker to increase the dsense revenue.

Google Chrome OS is a new project, separate from Android. Android was designed from the beginning to work across a variety of devices from phones to set-top boxes to netbooks. Google Chrome OS is being created for people who spend most of their time on the web, and is being designed to power computers ranging from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems. While there are areas where Google Chrome OS and Android overlap, we believe choice will drive innovation for the benefit of everyone, including Google.


More on Chrome OS:





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Software update(1.56.651.2) now available for Sprint HTC hero

A software update is available for the HTC Hero.

You can initiate the update from the Settings, About Phone, System updates, Firmware update.

Feature Updates and Enhancements

HTC Hero Software Enhancement SW 1.56.651.2 provides feature updates and enhancements to address the following:
• Improvement to camera picture quality
• DST (Daylight Savings Time) issue addressed
• Unable to receive SMS due to full memory
• Memory leak when Bluetooth is in connecting state
• 3.5mm mono when not using headset with mic
• Dialer application causing excess battery draw

Important note: Dedicated Mute/Speaker buttons have been added to the Talk screen

Verification of updates:
To verify the customer has the updated build after the update:
1. Press Menu, Tap Settings
2. Flick Up, Tap About Phone
3. Scroll up and check Software version: After update 1.56.651.2


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even Wired and Walt Mossberg Shocked:Palm Pre now at $79.99 84% off list

The prices of the phones are dropping day by day. This maybe Palms strategy to get rid of unmoving inventory before the holidays and everyone rushes in for the discounts on the iphones etc... As seen below from the tweet from Walt Mossberg and Wired Magazine that the smartphone wars are indeed getting brutal. But it's a smart chess move on Palms part to make the best of the sales before others start over the holidays. As we've seen the blackberry curve, bold and storm are a penny now too

RT @wired: Think the smartphone wars aren't brutal? You can get an "iPhone killer" Palm Pre now for 80 bucks — 84% off list.

Even the seasoned tech Guru's Walt Mossberg surprised RT @waltmossberg: Whoa! Drastic cuts! The Palm Pixi I reviewed yesterday is now $25 on Amazon down from $100; the Pre dips to $80 from $150. (via @kabster728)

More on Palm Pre:
www.precentral.net/ -

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Blackberry Curve Gemini 8520 Unlocked Cell Phone, International Version at Amazon

If your looking for a good blackberry that's unlocked that you can travel the world with and use with either ATT or Tmobile. The Blackberry 8520 aka the Gemini is on sale at a good price on Amazon at $324.

more info on the blackberry


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T-Mobile Blackberry 9700 on Amazon/ Review

We like the Blackberry Bold 9700, what separates the new Blackberry Bold 9700 and Old Blackberry Bold 9000 from the rest of the Blackberrys is our favorite 3G feature, simultaneous voice and data. The Blackberry Bold(9700 & 9000) is the only blackberry on ATT/T-mobile with 3G. It helps on the occasion you still want to browse the web, chat on blackberry messenger and send/receive emails while your on the phone.

Added bonuses on the Blackberry Bold are the new Optical Trackpad, High resolution 480x360 pixel color display screen with over 65,000 colors, 3.2 MegaPixel Camera(takes excellent photos with the flash even at night) and excellent battery life 6hr talktime(1500mAh cryptographic Lithium cell).

On the non-technical practical user side it has great essential feature. You can clearly hear the person your talking to and the 6hr talk time is excellent. Also the feel of the keyboard(What blackberry does best) makes it easy when typing large emails or engaging chat sessions.

T-Mobile New Blackberry Bold 9700:

more info on the blackberry


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Wednesday, November 18

Matt Cutt's Video: how to Optimize Google

notes on Matt Cutt's talk at "WordCamp San Francisco 2009"

WordPress he says solves a lot of problems.
---don't need to do a lot of stuff
(Number of people that link to you and how important they are)- Crawl in order of PageRank, faster to be found, deeper, often check to see if it's refreshed.
---backlinks - back link obession
relevant and reputable
relevant-content, care about, passion, write often, write everyday, get practice

keywords-what a regular user is going to say
keyword tool...
Title and URL and Categories

!!! KEY! B INTERESTING e.g. Fake Steve Jobs

Google Analytics: Related Blog Posts give people more to do. Capitalize on the bounces.

Lesson from Katamari Philosophy
- Start Small in a small niche. Don't reach, you can get there gradually. The lesson your always reaching and looking to roll up bigger things. then build up build up and build up

more on http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/seo-for-bloggers/

more SEO Tips from Google http://macspotlight.blogspot.com/2009/07/tips-from-google-on-how-to-optimize.html

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Blackberry Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Storm 9530 for a penny on sale at Amazon

Recommendations on which Blackberry to buy below page.

Blackberry's for a Penny:
Older Blackberry Bold 9000

ATT Blackberry Curve 8900

TMobile Blackberry Curve 8900

Verizon Blackberry Storm 9630

More info on blackberry's below
Blackberry Bold 9700


Blackberry Tour

Blackberry Curve

more info on the blackberry

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I guess the safe question ask yourself if your confused about the blackberry products online is to ask yourself does it have a trackpad? If so it's one of the new ones and buy it. However the differences with the new blackberry are slightly noticeble to most people. Therefore an upgrade may not be the best idea for most people who are happy only receiving emails and sending text messages. Or for the bargain hunters that can find one for a penny.

On ATT and T-mobile we only recommend the Blackberry Bold 9700. T-mobile is already ahead of ATT when the release Monday November 16th. The Bold is the only blackberry on ATT/T-mobile with 3G. It helps on the occasion you still want to browse the web, chat on bb messenger and send/receive emails.

T-Mobile New Blackberry Bold 9700:

On Sprint or Verizon we recommend you wait for the Blackberry Tour 2. That will have the trackpad, more memory and wi-fi. One of the great features about the Blackberry Tour is it can work on any network around the world. You can have a Tmobile or ATT sim card and switch to Verizon/Sprint if you have the money to have two plans simultaneously. The Blackberry Curve on Sprint/Verizon can't do that. The Blackberry curves on Sprint/Verizon also have a lower screen resolution and mega-pixel camera. As they are nearly identical in price. The Tour is the best bet not only for the added features but higher value you'll be able to sell the Tour two years from now. As it's quadband if can be sold anywhere around the world so you have a larger pool of buyers to sell to.

iPhone Flash Back(Phil Schiller talks to CBS news John Blackstone

Looking back sometimes gives us a fresh perspective on things. This youtube video goes back to January 10th, 2007(where were you that morning;). When the iPhone was announced. Apple's executive Phil Schiller gives John Blackstone a first look at the iPhone.

Some of the interesting things that he said was "this is the advanced iPod we've ever made". The key point highlights some key advantages that the iphone has over it's competition All of the competing phones with the iphone(HTC Hero, Windows Mobile, Motorola Droid, Nokia etc..) have one thing in common, applications can't be stored to the 3rd party microSD. Also the big problem with the microSD's is that they slow down the phones and different phones require different classes of memory.

Simply put the iphone killers come with "Memory not included". If it is because it's subpar it's slow and sluggish.

For more on Apple's iPhone

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Tuesday, November 17

Black Friday Apple, Target & Walmart Sales

In addition to Walmart and Target it appears Apple will also have a black friday sale up to 30% off on all iPods (Update: excluding iPhone and iPod shuffle), up to 25% off Macs, and up to 15% off all accessories as well as Apple software and hardware, only good for the day of November 27th


Sanyo 50-inch plasma TV, 720p at Walmart for just $598,
Sony Bravia KDL46S504 46-inch LCD Full HD($798)
Emerson PL-P42W-10A 42-inch Plasma 720P HDTV, $448.
Walmart also has the Emerson LC320EMFX 32-inch Plasma 720p HDTV, $248.

More on Black Friday:

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Saturday, November 14

Blackberry Tour 2 aka 9650, Essex get's video review

The good folks at Blackberry look to have a new CDMA blackberry ready to enter the smart phone market. Will it take on the iPhone or any of the Android powered devices? To give that argument a rest people should just ask if the phone will satisfy there most important needs(as this is phone that falls into the needs not wants category). The blackberry come with a few major upgrades which are WiFi, more memory and The TrackPad(Fixing many of the complaints people have had with the Trackball). The phone will be available on Verizon and Sprint.

No Specifications to date.

more info on the blackberry

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Thursday, November 12

Suprise Storm has much less SAR levels than the Blackberry Curve

SURPRISINGLY The blackberry with the lowest SAR levels is surprisingly the Storm 2 at .78 and the highest is the Blackberry Curve 8300 at 1.51

6 of the highest-radiation cell phones in the United States are from RIM


Curve 1.54
Bold 1.510
Tour 1.46

iphone 3GS at 1.19
Motorola Droid 1.49
HTC Hero(sprint) 1.13

SURPRISING The blackberry with the lowest SAR levels is surprisingly the Storm 2 at .78 and the highest is the Blackberry Curve 8300 at 1.51

top 20 phones with the highest SAR Levels...


More on Cell Phone Radiation on Howstuff Works

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Microsoft's Xbox ban of millions leads to cheap Xbox's on craiglist

AS a result of millions of people caught downloading pirated versions of Activision's Call of Duty(Modern Warfare 2) from sharing sites.

The people banned have started to sell their xBox's online at discounted prices. PC world reports Some have admitted to being banned but others haven't been forth coming..

Buyer be ware... no free lunchBOX

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Wednesday, November 11

Wall Street Journal Blackberry Bold Review

Katie Boehret, Walt Mossberg's protege at the Wall Street Journal reviews the new blackberry bold.

Katie wasn’t too shy with the review she ended of by saying “But since many of the Bold 9700’s features are about the same as less-expensive BlackBerrys, it’s worth considering the Tour and Curve 8900 before you spend $200 on a device that no longer lives up to its bold name.”

more info on the blackberry

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Tuesday, November 10

Nokia releases N900

Sunday, November 8

New Blackberry Curve 8530 up on Sprint web site


It's a great new phone, if your up on your contract we'd recommend the blackberry Tour. The only real new thing with the blackberry curve or Tour Light is the Trackpad. Other than that there's not much of a difference versus the older trusty blackberry curve. The screen resolution is still the same at 320/240 and camera still at 2.0. The Tour however is the best blackberry on the market until the blackberry 3.2MP camera with Flash and Auto-Focus. And a better construction, world wide GSM(including local ATT & Tmobile incase you ever decide to crossover). Also the Tour has a more potent battery at 1400mAh vs the Curve at 1150mAh.

In short the Tour and Curve will look different but will be closer in price. The Tour will hold greater value in the long run if you decide to sell it locally or overseas or switch providers locally or overseas. The trackpad is great but don't let it fool you of it's real value...

The curve is simply RIM's attempt to win in the market they can win in now which is the lowend. However customers have become spoiled and expect more for less of a price. If apple's selling a iPhone at $99 and Droids are selling at $179 it will be hard to pull wool over the customers eye. By cutting down on the Resolution, battery life, Camera and sturdiness. In short RIM would have been better off only launching one product the Tour on Verizon and Sprint. I'm guessing they don't want executives seen with the same devices as savvy teenagers. Well Apple has been able to rock that balance as well as cocacola. Same product across the tax brackets...

more information can be found here:

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The View, Sex and the Blackberry

Seinfeld on Conan O'brien late show says why he doesn't like the blackberry or iphone(funny)

Seinfeld on Conan O'brien late show says why he doesn't like the blackberry or iphone(funny). It's one of the funniest jokes about blackberries and iphones.

More on the iPhone:

More on the blackberry:

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Friday, November 6

are new 3G speeds on Blackberry placebo's?

Like millions of blackberry fanatics I went out and bought one of their latest blackberry's on the market. Promising more memory, crisper screens etc...

However I came to find the device quite slow and sluggish. The older versions were a lot snappier and the screens never froze. The new ones even take just about 5 minutes to reboot. Not sure where the problems stems from, could be that RIM has added a lot to it's OS in trying to compete with the Droids and iPhone. The source of the problems I don't know. Even after updating the software, removing unnecessary software etc... Users are still finding their devices to be quite slow... below are some links around the net showing this new but growing problem with the blackberries...

Freezing. Sluggish. Enough is enough

blackberry slow - yahoo answers

Running slow - Crackberry forum

Blackberry Slow - Blackberry Support Forums

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