Tuesday, December 1

download HTC Hero 2.1 via XDA-developers & AllDroid

The HTC Hero now has the sweet Eclair(2.0) update leaked(not the official version). Only the Motorola Droid had the 2.0 and the good folks at HTC were left out. The new update includes the following below.

* Optimized hardware speed
* Support for more screen sizes and resolutions
* Revamped UI
* New browser UI and HTML5 support
* New contact lists
* Better white/black ratio for backgrounds
* Improved Google Maps 3.1.2
* Microsoft Exchange support
* Built in flash support for Camera
* Digital Zoom
* Improved virtual keyboard
* Bluetooth 2.1

The HTC Hero 2.1 ROM with SenseUI is apparently bow available. NEws from Androidguys.com

via XDA-developers and AllDroid!

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